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You'll find instructions located inside that filedonde puedo comprar viagra generico mexico Huge role when it happens. I can prevent the crackling from happening if i'm consciously aware of the tenseness of my neck, head muscles and make a quick exit if possible. I always thought that the crackling would stay at a certain pitch and was benign. I'm always worrying about this but have great hope that some new techniques and technology would surface in the future that would hopefully alleviate us sufferers. Please reply to me your thoughts and advice! Loading... View member profile send email find member's topics find member's posts tjmmurray registered: 05/14/12 posts: 2 posted 05/15/12 at 12:32 am reply with quote  #17  the stapedius muscle is spasming.  i have had hissing and ringing since undergoing shoulder surgery.  the noise was dibilitating, i could do nothing, relationship was tested with my best friend and fiancee, work suffered. I could not go into a noisy enviroment and had to seclude myself in the confines of my house and listen to nothing but silence.  i have spent thousands of dollars trying to find out what has happened to me--i would wake up in the middle of the night with the grinding sound of iron rubbing together, i would get an un-nerving hissing noise after i drove my car vehicle any distance, had to drive at night and take ambien to get to sleep.  drinking alcohol stopped the problem temporarily--the next day i paid a price as it came back twice as bad. I went to 3 audiologists, they all said i had high frequency hearing loss but my hearing in voice level was fine.  no other hearing problems with exception that my left ear heard things much louder.  i started wearing an ear plug after two months... I was able to control the problem if i stayed away from noise but came back as soon as i took the plugs out.  i was on xanex, that made it worse.  ambien put me to sleep and i could not wait to go to bed at night--i dreaded walking up.  i could no longer take naps during the day, for two months i never took a nap. buy viagra online buy cheap viagra viagra online cheap viagra cheap generic viagra viagra cheap buy canada buy generic viagra online usa pharmacy viagra online cheap generic viagra  2 ents and my primary doctor were at a loss. I had a diagnosis of a sinus infection, which i did in fact have but after 7 weeks of taking antibiotics, an mri and 3 ct scans yield nothing other than my infection cleared up but no change in the "tinnitus" hissing and ringing, and tones.   i noticed after i took a shower the problem would go away only to come back starting with a very small fluttering noise, but after 20 minutes or so it was so annoying and distressing that after 2 months i was having to live with this problem possibly for the rest of my life. Guess what--the second ent said to me, "there is not much i can do for you" but he said he did have case like this once before and said i could try the medication--he said he gave valium in the 90s to a patient who was really stressed out over pretty much the same symtoms--he gave him the valium to help him relax when he got stressed out--the patient called him up and said the problem went away!!! During the t.